Paid Packets

Welcome to the Paid Packets section. Sometimes a single worksheet just won’t do the job. In this section I have put together a variety of different packets of material, all of which are original (not a bundle of my Free Worksheets). My focus in this section is to provide multi-day packets, supplemental materials and remediation/enrichment resources. By clicking on the packet you can read through the Table of Contents to get a firm grasp of all of the material the packet contains.

Like the Free Worksheets section, my main concentration for the Paid Packets material is for kindergarten through eighth grade, but I will also post high school material. You may notice that some academic subjects contain much more material than others. Check back often as I am working to flesh-out the remaining subjects as well. Please be patient. I believe in quality and want to offer a full-bodied curriculum with good variety.

All of the images / worksheets in the Paid Packets section are copyrighted for traditional classroom use only and may not be sold or freely distributed. No part of the pages may be cropped, eliminated, or altered.

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Thank you for taking the time to look through my work!