About Me

As I said, my name is Shane and I have been teaching and coaching in public and private schools since 1997. I really do love working with the kids and my colleagues. I consider teaching to be a rather big honor knowing that I am helping to shape the future of so many lives.

I began my teaching career early in college as a bilingual (Spanish) instructional assistant. I was the interpreter for a special task force that would make rounds to the migrant worker population (within approximately 100 miles of my base) who had developmentally disabled children who were unable to attend school. My job was to assist the task force manager communicate with the Spanish speaking (NES/LES) children and parents as she assessed the child’s needs and informed the parents of the appropriate federal and municipal programs that were available to them due to their circumstance.

While in college I had the great opportunity to travel to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Hong Kong and China as a starting member of our college’s basketball team. We played dozens of college and select teams as we toured a new country every three weeks. I really enjoyed learning about the history and people of each location. We had a great time meeting new people and making new friends.

I enjoyed my time abroad playing basketball so much that after college I moved to Spain to live and attend language school for an entire year. During my time in Spain I was able to travel modestly. In addition to living in Valencia I spent some time in Madrid, Bilbao and La Victoria. I experienced the running of the bulls, bull fights, fiestas, and, of course, the fallas of my home city, Valencia (I actually lived in La Ciudad Fallera just outside of Valencia)!

Upon returning from my time in Spain, and having a strong interest in athletics, fitness and business, I began research on opening a family fitness center. After a few years I moved to Arizona to opened a small fitness center. While searching for investors and just the right site I began teaching at an inner-city elementary school. I had 43 second and third graders that year in my self-contained class! After several more years of teaching I eventually found an inexpensive location to start up my fitness center. Out of necessity I had to continue to work full-time as a teacher while also working full-time at my fitness center. Those were very long days! Eventually, due to low membership enrollment, I had to close down my fitness center. We had a huge members’ party the very last day and said good-bye to a lot of amazing people. And though it took me a couple months, I returned every cent of my pre-paid members’ unused fees.

Since closing the doors at my fitness center I have continued to teach at public and private schools, from elementary through high school and even college. During the 2012/13 and 2013/14 school years I was honored by the Arizona Council for American Private Education (AZCAPE) as the runner-up Arizona Private School Teacher of the Year. Thus far I am the only teacher to reach final selection twice. Happily, I received local and Congressional recognition for my selection.

Currently I am working as the assistant principal and volleyball and basketball coach for a start-up charter school in Phoenix, Arizona as I continue to search out my goals and dreams.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Please help me realize my goals and dreams by bookmarking and subscribing to my page!

God Bless!