Greetings Fellow Educator!

My name is Shane and I have been teaching and coaching in public and private schools since 1997. And though I really do love working with the kids and my colleagues, I have often been frustrated by the high cost of educational resources.

Over my teaching career I have borrowed and/or purchased countless workbooks and spent hundreds of hours combing through websites trying to glean the higher quality teaching and practice resources for my students. And though I have encountered many great resources (see my additional links section), they have all come at a monetary price, most of which I have had to bare at my own expense (I’m sure you know what I mean).

For this reason I decided to compile my own library of teacher created resources which I am happy to share with you. Each of the 100’s of worksheets contained in the Free Worksheets section are completely original and completely free; no kidding; no catches. The only thing I request is that my materials are not reproduced outside of traditional classroom use, sold, cropped or altered in any way.

Understand that this endeavor is not completely benevolent. I have set up four sources of possible income on my site.

  1. Having been in the classroom for nearly two decades I understand the time constraints we teachers have. Often, when we finally find what we are looking for, we then must then do the worksheet / take the test to create the answer key. To help save time, at the bottom of each FREE Worksheet, there is a small button you can click to purchase the answers to that worksheet for just $1.
  2. You can see above that I also have a Paid Packets section. This section is a tremendous resource for covering an entire lesson. These packets cover multiple days of teaching material and/or testing material (see the Table of Contents for each packet). All of the material contained in a Paid Packet is completely original (not a grouping of my FREE Worksheets).
  3. It is my hope that one day I will gain enough daily visits to my site that I can earn a small revenue through advertisements on the sidebars. Do not worry, none of my printable materials have any sort of advertising on them.
  4. Lastly, if you have appreciated the many, many hours I have spent researching, designing, formatting, posting, etc. bringing these free resources to you, I would appreciate any monetary donation you feel lead to give. I am not a corporate giant. I’m just a hard-working teacher trying to make a difference in the education world.

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Thank you and God bless!